Tuesday, September 19, 2017

I'm Back !!!

Oh my , it's been such a long time since I blogged . So many changes and new events happened in my life . We moved house , tackled a health problem , new pets and kids are growing up so fast . Cant wait to share it all to you . Just getting back to the groove .. It's SpringTime here in Oz and I'm loving it ! Spending more time outdoors , mostly in the garden , looking after the chickens and the vegetable garden . More to come .....

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Are You Looking For A DVD Converter That Works Well In Your Mac?

If you are tech-savvy, then you will have a Mac Book for sure and you will certainly need a dvd converter for mac too. It is evident that all Mac users do want to have videos and other compatible media converted to their favourite format; for later use. This product by Movavi studio is extremely good for you media conversion requirements. Its chief attributes are as below;

You can virtually open any kind of audio or video file and then convert it to your choice of format, in order to run in on any device that you wish to. This means you can select and convert files for mobile devices as well.
This software is extremely easy to utilise and considered as one of the finest tools to modify the videos. You may conveniently enhance or adjust sound, trim, cut, flip, rotate and do much more than you have already been doing.
The best thing with this software is that you don’t have to wait for long to get the work done because its encoding engine is powerful, which makes the process 81 times faster than any basic converter that you may have worked on; till now.

What are other attributes it boasts of?

  1. Converting any media format file: This is the primary advantage with this software that you can reap multitude of benefits from. This converter can work on AVI, DVD, MP4 that also includes the H.264 codec. Along with that MPEG-1 & 2, FLV, MPEG-TS, SWF, RM, OGV, 3GP, WMV, MOV and MKV are few of the formats that this software will work seamlessly with. It can also process Ultra HD 4K videos, upscale SD videos to HD quality. All audio files that come in WMA, AAC, M4A, FLAC, WAV, MP3, OGG and Monkey’s Audio can be converted quickly.
  2. Smart presets: There are smart presets for making the conversion convenient, while you don’t have to manually do anything at all; unless you do want to go the manual way. There is a list of preset, which allows the conversion to happen in any of over 40 optimised kinds. These presets are meant for BalckBerry Z30, iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S5, HTC One Mini-2, Galaxy Tab 4, Xperia Z2, PS4, Xbox-1 as well as all the old and other new models.
  3. Editing: Like any other software that does the same thing here, this also has editing features that do all the necessary fundamental things for your files. You can adjust the way it should look by fixing contrast, colour as well as trim the files or convert them to any format, before saving them.

The possibilities are seamlessly endless and depend entirely on your imagination; when you are using this software.

Friday, November 28, 2014

From Australia with Love....

Wow, Christmas is only 27 days to go as of this writing and I'm already excited. Our Christmas tree at the storage room together with other Christmas stuff will be out again very soon (maybe this weekend) so I can start decorating. You know, it will take at least 3 or 4 days before I finish all the decors that I have in the house. Yes, I sometimes go overboard but that's me. I love decorating during Christmas as it is festive and it makes my family especially my kids. They usually help me decorate the tree and they always have fun with it. I'm torn between a colorful Christmas tree versus the traditional one but I'm sure my tree is fab again just like last year.

I have started my Christmas shopping too, bought some gifts too that I can include in the box for my family back in the Philippines. I know they are excited to receive some goodies from year and I have to make sure that they will get some if not this December or early January. My eyes are also featsin with all the jewleries that I saw at www.joyjewelers.com and hoping/wishing atht I can get another piece for myself. It may seem selfish but hey, I also deserve a gift for myself. I sure hope my hubby gets a clue haha.

The kids are all doing well and Christmas will be a time to make them more happy. Last year, we spent our Holidays in the Philippines and we had a blast.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Concerts in Australia

The last concert that my husband and I watched last year was at Michael Bubble's concert and we always have a blast watching him all the time. I can't recall anymore how many times we have watched his shows and it certainly shows that he is our favorite. I certainly hope that we can watch another concert of any foreign or local artist this November as a birthday treat to myself. I would not mind being deaf for hours because of the powerful jbl eon 515xt speakers that might be installed in the venues.

I'm not sure whom would I like to watch next but any 80's band or singers are just exciting.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Christmas at the Land Down Under

Oh wow, Christmas is fast approaching already! Last year my whole family celebrated our Holidays at my native land, Philippines and we have a lot of fun. Our clan had a reunion and it was so wonderful because we are all complete, of course except for my dad.

This year, we have no plans of going out of the country. I'm not sure yet when to get my holiday decors out from our storage room. I have tons of Christmas decors so it will take around a week to complete all the decorating. Oh yes, I have the habit of putting decors all over the house to make our house more lively and inviting for Christmas.

I found personalized christmas tree ornaments online while browsing for some new decors (yes, I'm looking for new ones!) and they all seemed so cute and will match the theme that I have in mind. We'll see what color theme I will use for our house this year.

Gift giving will always be a tradition so I have already started to buy some gifts for some friends but I need to find gifts for the kids soon as well.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Bonding with the Family

Lately, my family are having so much bonding times and they are priceless! Even the dinner out in a small resto in the neighborhood can be considered something to remember for a lifetime because not all families can eat out all together sharing laughs and good conversations coupled with a nice wine and kid meals. Apart from eating out, we watch movies, go shopping and watch documentaries in a big gobo projector that my hubby's cousin has.

Kids get to spend quality time with us playing, reading, watching sans the video and computer games. Although they are allowed to use gadgets, we encourage them to play outside and feel the sand and dirt in their hands. Some kids don't play anymore outside as they are so pre-occupied with their games on their gadgets.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Busy in the Land Down Under

Oh wow, I have neglected my blogs for a while. Been too  busy here lately.

Work, home and some other stuff keep me busy all the time. Wish I have lots of time to do more things that I can accomplish but hey I am not complaining for I am enjoying my life as a mom, wife, entrepreneur and care giver all at the same time. Not everyone can do that so I feel accomplished, proud and blessed with what I have right now. I know there are ups and downs in life and I am open arms to accept them for that will make me strong and even wiser.

I usually have my "me"time at night before I go to sleep and have done my chores for the day. I get to browse my fave online shops for cake stuff while I also enjoy online shopping and also seeing all the ddrum packages while surfing.

My kids are growing so fast too and wish they will have a great health and life.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A Great Resource Place

The internet has proven to be very helpful to all of us in this modern times. Commumication is far much better, faster and to say the least much cheaper compared to calling with your phone especially if is overseas. There are lots of messengers and other apps that can help us contact our friends and loved ones instantly. Banking is very convenient as well though we need to be careful all the time when transacting our business online coz, the web is one big from place where hackers and mean people love to go around.

Looking or researching for something are faster as well. Google and yahoo searchers are fast to show results and that truly is amazing. Shopping is not left behind for we can shop at the comforts of our homes anytime thus making our shopping experience more fun. We can have the tendency to overspend because we can just put items on our cart so easily and pay with our cards or paypal but it all boils to our self control over spending.

Looking for gadgets, programs or software for any business are very accessible too. There are print management software at eoncode.com just in case you need one. The world-wide-web is so powerful that it can actually make a lot of people more tech-savvy.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Random Thoughts from the Land Down Under

Ahhh.. what else can I share around here.. Well, it's pretty been busy days for all of us here at the Land down under. My kids are still in school but my eldest just finished her exams last week and now she's back in the Philippines. It's quite an impromptu leave for she is up for something there. I'll just share later on what happened to her new adventure back in PI.

We celebrated my youngest daughter's 9th birthday last month and few more days it's gonna be my boy's birthday too. For sure I'll be baking a cake and throwing a small party for him but I'm not yet decided on what theme will be this year for him. All I know is that he's a big boy now and we all want the best for him. Hubby is'going to celebrate his birthday too few more months and I'm thinking of what to give ot him. I bet a raymond weil watch would be a wonderful gift for him but not sure if he wanted another watch this year. We'll see, what surprise I will come up for my dear hubby.

Right now, my plate is full so I'm still going to be busy ... that is good sign for sure..

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Charice Live in Australia

Charice Pempengco, the singing sensation of the Philippines is going to have a concert here in Australia in APRIL 12, 2014 at Blacktown WorkersClub Diamond Showroom in Blacktown, NSW where there are lots of Filipinos living there.

So, if you're a Charice fans and you're here in Sydney, grab tickets now and for sure she'll give a great performance for all the Filipinos here.

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