Saturday, December 30, 2017


Setting up Braidens LEGO took us a long time, Braiden has an extensive collection of LEGO. Braiden has been collecting his LEGO since he was very young.

We used to put his unused and loose pieces of lego into small plastic tubs, although it kept his room clean and tidy it wasn't very efficent. Braidens LEGO people/mini figures were all in seperate tubs as the tubs didn't have any organisation.

So... we decided to come up with a plan and organise all of his LEGO.
Get my husband to build Braiden a desk/storage area for all of his lego and drawings.
Then we would organise all of his LEGO, we used tackle boxes and ziplock bags.

This is a photo of when my husband installed Braidens desk, the shelves to go above it weren't yet finished but would be installed in the next few weeks. 

Here is the finished desk/storage area.
These are the shelves, they provide a lot of space. Space for assembled LEGO and sets on top, and underneath all of his LEGO mini figures which are set up in categories. (e.g Batman, StarWars, etc)

Here is Braiden at his new desk, I hung 2 photos of stormtroopers above his desk space.
Braiden enjoys reading, watching, drawing and playing with his LEGOs at his new desk.

If you want any desks or bench tops done you can enquire Joe DiBella at Able Bench tops located in Sydney Australia:
Mob: (02) 4647 1660

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Snowy the Silkie

This is SNOWY  , she is a Silkie and our new pet , she is very timid but loves posing for photos , I can just dress her up or place her somewhere and she will just sit there.  
Unfortunately the other day she fell ill and I have to rush her to the animal hospital and she stayed there overnight . I received a phone call informing me that Snowy did not make it , she had a severe gastroenteritis and had septicemia .
I miss her so much , she was a cute lil Silkie ....