Friday, November 28, 2014

From Australia with Love....

Wow, Christmas is only 27 days to go as of this writing and I'm already excited. Our Christmas tree at the storage room together with other Christmas stuff will be out again very soon (maybe this weekend) so I can start decorating. You know, it will take at least 3 or 4 days before I finish all the decors that I have in the house. Yes, I sometimes go overboard but that's me. I love decorating during Christmas as it is festive and it makes my family especially my kids. They usually help me decorate the tree and they always have fun with it. I'm torn between a colorful Christmas tree versus the traditional one but I'm sure my tree is fab again just like last year.

I have started my Christmas shopping too, bought some gifts too that I can include in the box for my family back in the Philippines. I know they are excited to receive some goodies from year and I have to make sure that they will get some if not this December or early January. My eyes are also featsin with all the jewleries that I saw at and hoping/wishing atht I can get another piece for myself. It may seem selfish but hey, I also deserve a gift for myself. I sure hope my hubby gets a clue haha.

The kids are all doing well and Christmas will be a time to make them more happy. Last year, we spent our Holidays in the Philippines and we had a blast.

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