Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A Great Resource Place

The internet has proven to be very helpful to all of us in this modern times. Commumication is far much better, faster and to say the least much cheaper compared to calling with your phone especially if is overseas. There are lots of messengers and other apps that can help us contact our friends and loved ones instantly. Banking is very convenient as well though we need to be careful all the time when transacting our business online coz, the web is one big from place where hackers and mean people love to go around.

Looking or researching for something are faster as well. Google and yahoo searchers are fast to show results and that truly is amazing. Shopping is not left behind for we can shop at the comforts of our homes anytime thus making our shopping experience more fun. We can have the tendency to overspend because we can just put items on our cart so easily and pay with our cards or paypal but it all boils to our self control over spending.

Looking for gadgets, programs or software for any business are very accessible too. There are print management software at just in case you need one. The world-wide-web is so powerful that it can actually make a lot of people more tech-savvy.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Random Thoughts from the Land Down Under

Ahhh.. what else can I share around here.. Well, it's pretty been busy days for all of us here at the Land down under. My kids are still in school but my eldest just finished her exams last week and now she's back in the Philippines. It's quite an impromptu leave for she is up for something there. I'll just share later on what happened to her new adventure back in PI.

We celebrated my youngest daughter's 9th birthday last month and few more days it's gonna be my boy's birthday too. For sure I'll be baking a cake and throwing a small party for him but I'm not yet decided on what theme will be this year for him. All I know is that he's a big boy now and we all want the best for him. Hubby is'going to celebrate his birthday too few more months and I'm thinking of what to give ot him. I bet a raymond weil watch would be a wonderful gift for him but not sure if he wanted another watch this year. We'll see, what surprise I will come up for my dear hubby.

Right now, my plate is full so I'm still going to be busy ... that is good sign for sure..

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Charice Live in Australia

Charice Pempengco, the singing sensation of the Philippines is going to have a concert here in Australia in APRIL 12, 2014 at Blacktown WorkersClub Diamond Showroom in Blacktown, NSW where there are lots of Filipinos living there.

So, if you're a Charice fans and you're here in Sydney, grab tickets now and for sure she'll give a great performance for all the Filipinos here.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Learning New Stuff

My kids are growing up too fast these days that there are times I wished they will stop Not that I'm selfish but I know that when they reach the stage where they are old enough to be on their own just like my eldest daughter, I know I can't tell them what or not to do in my own way. Anyway, I'm really loving their ages right now since I get to sepnd a lot of quality time wiht them dining out, shopping, playing, wathcing games in the stadium and more. My lil missy just turned 9 last month and I have given her a great Monster HIgh Party. All guests had a blast.

 Right now, she loves playing with her dolls, drawing, watching her fave cartoon movies and other girly stuff. She wanted to play the piano for a while and even ukelele and I even had looked on a les paul ukulele online when she mentioned about it. Let's see of her interests are still the same as like few months back. You know, girls are pickle minded most (all) of  the times.

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