Thursday, October 23, 2014

Concerts in Australia

The last concert that my husband and I watched last year was at Michael Bubble's concert and we always have a blast watching him all the time. I can't recall anymore how many times we have watched his shows and it certainly shows that he is our favorite. I certainly hope that we can watch another concert of any foreign or local artist this November as a birthday treat to myself. I would not mind being deaf for hours because of the powerful jbl eon 515xt speakers that might be installed in the venues.

I'm not sure whom would I like to watch next but any 80's band or singers are just exciting.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Christmas at the Land Down Under

Oh wow, Christmas is fast approaching already! Last year my whole family celebrated our Holidays at my native land, Philippines and we have a lot of fun. Our clan had a reunion and it was so wonderful because we are all complete, of course except for my dad.

This year, we have no plans of going out of the country. I'm not sure yet when to get my holiday decors out from our storage room. I have tons of Christmas decors so it will take around a week to complete all the decorating. Oh yes, I have the habit of putting decors all over the house to make our house more lively and inviting for Christmas.

I found personalized christmas tree ornaments online while browsing for some new decors (yes, I'm looking for new ones!) and they all seemed so cute and will match the theme that I have in mind. We'll see what color theme I will use for our house this year.

Gift giving will always be a tradition so I have already started to buy some gifts for some friends but I need to find gifts for the kids soon as well.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Bonding with the Family

Lately, my family are having so much bonding times and they are priceless! Even the dinner out in a small resto in the neighborhood can be considered something to remember for a lifetime because not all families can eat out all together sharing laughs and good conversations coupled with a nice wine and kid meals. Apart from eating out, we watch movies, go shopping and watch documentaries in a big gobo projector that my hubby's cousin has.

Kids get to spend quality time with us playing, reading, watching sans the video and computer games. Although they are allowed to use gadgets, we encourage them to play outside and feel the sand and dirt in their hands. Some kids don't play anymore outside as they are so pre-occupied with their games on their gadgets.

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