Friday, August 8, 2014

Busy in the Land Down Under

Oh wow, I have neglected my blogs for a while. Been too  busy here lately.

Work, home and some other stuff keep me busy all the time. Wish I have lots of time to do more things that I can accomplish but hey I am not complaining for I am enjoying my life as a mom, wife, entrepreneur and care giver all at the same time. Not everyone can do that so I feel accomplished, proud and blessed with what I have right now. I know there are ups and downs in life and I am open arms to accept them for that will make me strong and even wiser.

I usually have my "me"time at night before I go to sleep and have done my chores for the day. I get to browse my fave online shops for cake stuff while I also enjoy online shopping and also seeing all the ddrum packages while surfing.

My kids are growing so fast too and wish they will have a great health and life.

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