Thursday, January 30, 2014

Australian Acoustic Singers / Bands

Lately, I am starting to like acoustic guitar players and singers when I once heard a local sing while paying his guitar. I was mesmerized with his singing and his playing as his voice stood out so loud and clear, it only shows that his voice is not digitally manipulated unlike some singers who can only sing recorded songs lol.

 Here are some of the Australian Acoustic Singers / Bands that might be using martin acoustic guitars or any brands of their choice while they have shows here in there.

At Australian Institute of Music

I'm checking out my children's room from time-to-time and found out that my older daughter's guitar is just hanging and collecting dust in her room. She actually bought it n the Philippines few years back when she had her vacation and she used to play the guitar at the house after coming from school or when she has free time. She even mentioned to me that she wanted to get a tuner like the snark tuner at guitar center that she found online. Not so sure if she got one for herself but I bet she did.

Now that she is going to the Univ, I'm afraid that she'll ever play that guitar once again. Who knows she might, for she is taking up some course in music management of sort this year.

Australia Day fireworks and Congratulations Wanderers!

It was fun fun day for all of us here in OZ land. It's Australia Day on the 26th and had fireworks display at Parramatta Stadium.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Concerts / Shows in Sydney 2014

I wanted to watch shows or concerts this year that's why I searched for concerts or shows that will a happen here in Sydney. I remember the excitement and fun that I had when we watched Tears for Fears in Concert few years back and I want to have that experience once again... Found these upcoming shows online and this made me more exciting rather than browsing for mackie dl1608 at guitar center and some cheap celebs stories hehe..

 ~ Kris Kristofferson, American country music legend,  March and April 2014
~Brian McKnight, R&Band Grammy award nominated artist -March 2014
~Michael BUble - my fave!! on May 2014

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