Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Beyoncé 'Mrs Carter Show' Australian Tour 2013

Beyonce rocked the world of Australians in her Beyoncé 'Mrs Carter Show' Australian Tour 2013 that started on October 18th and will end on 8th of November.

Too bad, I wasn't able to get some tickets for I have been thinking twice if I should buy or not but when a friend told me the concert was a blast, it's already late for me to get some tickets for her Sydney show on the 31st.

I still can't forget the Duran Duran and Depeche Mode show few years back when I watched it with friends. The sound was superb and the acts are lively than ever. It reminds me of the mini midi controller keyboard at guitar center that I saw whilst browsing the site.

Anyway, I just hope that Beyonce will come back in few years time so I can watch her live.

One Fine Day at Kiama Harbour

My family drove to Kiama on a weekend and we're glad we had a nice weather when we got there. We brought along our cute ll'dog Prince and he enjoyed the lovely weather too.

We have fish and chips for lunch, savouring the breeze and just chillin' while bonding with the family. We took my sis Jen when she was here few years ago and I can't forget the fact that she enjoyed the place especially went to see the BLOW HOLE and the lighthouse.

Ongoing Home Projects

These days, our household has been pretty much busy with all the different activities that we have been doing. I've been trying to bake some cuppies and cakes again for a client while the kids are roaming around the house with our cute pet dog. My husband is trying to be busy as well in his business, the holidays are coming so we need some extra money for our overseas trip this December. The kids can't wait for that any longer as what I am hearing from them.

 However, before we take our much needed vacation this coming holiday, we need to prepare our house or should I say keep our house organize too. We don;t want to leave with some pending house renovations and projects. We had trouble finding some unique handles for our door, so dear hubby went downtown to check the local shop complete his project. I have to ask him to check on our garden and repair the little house for our chooks too for the fox has been cheeky lately.

Monday, October 28, 2013

5 Amazing Cycling Products that Help You Track Your Fitness Progress

Getting in shape and keeping yourself on track to your fitness goals can be tough at times, so when a product comes along that can help make life a little easier by tracking your progress and helping you with your fitness regime and diet, it’s probably worth checking out. These 5 amazing products do just that, providing detailed information on your workouts and motivation toward your goals.


This iOs bicycle tracking app turns your mobile device into a high-tech and feature-packed fitness tracking device. You can record each and every workout, from speed to heart rate and everything in-between, and the app even takes into account whenever you stop, detecting stops automatically.

You can see customisable maps and graphs relating to your workouts and progress, plus summarise and analyse all your workout data easily on screen. You can also compete against friends and share comments and stats through your social network, plus create your own training plans to reach your goals. From racing on sleek Merida bikes to powering up hills on sturdy mountain bikes, cyclemeter is ideal for any cycling workout.

Garmin ANT+ for iPhone

This nifty little gadget plugs straight into your iPhone, iPod or iPad for tracking and recording your fitness and workout stats in great detail. It allows you to create an all-over tracking system that integrates information from other Garmin sensors with the Garmin Fit app. The ANT+ allows you to use detailed information collected by your heart rate monitor, foot pod and speed/cadence sensor to create a highly thorough fitness tracking program using highly accurate personal workout data.

UP System

This futuristic fitness and health tracker helps you to strive towards a healthier lifestyle and achieve your fitness goals. The sleek and durable wristband tracks data from your body and, using the accompanying app, turns that data into a clever way to gain insights into your current routine and fitness, and track improvements to your health. This integrated system makes it easy to ensure you’re getting enough sleep, enough exercise, and following your dietary goals and requirements too.

BodyMedia FIT

BodyMedia FIT is an on-body monitoring system that automatically keeps track of burnt calories and sleeping patterns around the clock. The system comes with a calorie calculator so that you can easily keep track of your calories consumed and compare them against the calories you burn each day.

It works with a simple online Activity Manager where you can view, track and analyse all your data, goals and progress including diet, calories, sleep and daily activity levels. With detailed information and comprehensive graphs, BodyMedia FIT makes it easy to analyse all the highly accurate data collected by the armband monitor, keep on track with dietary and fitness goals, and keep you motivated towards a healthy, active lifestyle.


This funky new fitness tracker from Motorola is not just a high-tech device for tracking all sorts of sports and fitness data, but is also an MP3 player. It can link with headsets, phones and other devices through Bluetooth and even presents you with motivational playlist suggestions.

This is a device for those who take their sports seriously, tracking workout data through GPS and a pedometer, packed into its bold and stylish wristband with a large and clear display, which also acts as a timepiece. It’s resistant to sweat, water, scratches and cracks, and has a sensor which detects sunlight and switches the display to an outdoor mode that’s easy to view in direct sun, making it a highly specialised outdoor personal fitness gadget. With 40 different sport modes to choose from, including golf, cycling, fencing and even yard work, it’s not just for your bike workouts and is equipped for just about every exercise.

Each of these great products will help you keep track of your progress and work toward your goals, melding inspiration with information to create an integrated fitness tracking system. So go out there and try one, or all of them, and turn your cycling regimen into more than just a daily ride.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

4 Nutritional Tips You’ve Probably Never Considered

Good nutrition is one of the most important factors that contributes to a healthy lifestyle. Most of the time, we are bombarded with the latest diet pill set to make you lose ten kilos in one week. Yeah, right. Or the new celebrity diet, where you only eat a can of tuna and whatever protein bar they are being endorsed by. People often tend to ignore the natural approach, opting for quick fixes rather than lifestyle changes. If you are seriously considering a nutrition overhaul, here’s a few tips that you may have never considered before.

Say Hello To Clay

This is not a joke. Clay (that brown stuff on the ground) has been a global practice with healing a wide range of illnesses. We already put it on our face to draw out impurities, so why shouldn’t it be good for our insides as well? It has been credited to help with constipation, diarrhea, anemia, bacterial infections, leaky gut, skin ailments like eczema, acne, heavy metal poisoning like chemotherapy, exposure to pesticides, relieve arthritis and stress.According to John Tilden, M.D, “clay contains the minerals and energy that the defence mechanism needs; it improves bowel function and detoxifies the body of pollutants.” This is not some new-age mumbo jumbo either, this holistic practice has been documented throughout history as being the ultimate detox.

So what’s actually in clay that makes it so great? The clay possess unfulfilled ionic bonds around the edges of its mineral particles, which naturally seeks to satisfy those bonds. For this to happen, it must meet with a substance carrying an opposite ionic charge. Essentially, the particles of the clay have a negative ionic charge, whereas toxins carry a positive charge. When we ingest the clay, the ions are attracted to each other and an exchange occurs whereby the clay swaps its ions for those of the impurities. Electrically satisfied, it holds the toxins in suspension until the body is ready to eliminate both. It sounds confusing, but in layman’s terms, we eat the clay, the clay binds to the toxins and we excrete both the toxins and the clay out of our bodies.

Look At Food As Medicine

Next time you think you’re coming down with a case of the sniffles, try a natural approach rather than a chemical based one. Some of the most powerful medicines on the planet are hiding in plain sight as (who would have thought!) food and spices.Garlic is the herb of choice for treating colds, flu, sore throats and poor indigestion due to its sulphur compounds and essential oils. Ginger contains a proteolytic enzyme that reduces inflammation, repair cartilage and is often used to reduce menstrual cramps and nausea. Turmeric is an old Chinese medicine favourite used as a remedy for liver and gallbladder disorders and more recently, has been found effective with killing oesophageal cancer cells and the ability to inhibit the growth of lymphoma cells. Tip: Soothe a sore throat by combining one cup of sage tea with one teaspoon each of honey and apple cider vinegar with a dash of cayenne pepper – gargle the mixture every half an hour.

Eat Seasonal

While most of us relish in seasonal produce due to the decrease in price, there’s many health and ecological benefits to eating these products. Seasonal items are more likely to be local, they haven’t flown 20,000 km around the world and been loaded up with as many chemical to give it that fresh look. Talk about cutting down on your eco foot print and supporting local farmers! Your body also needs certain foods at different time of the year; so seasonal foods are a way of reconnecting with the organic cycle that nature intended for us. For example, summer fruits contain a higher fluid content, vital for keeping hydrated in the warmer months.

Meeting The Demands Of Your Lifestyle

While it’s great to consume a healthy diet, you also need to meet the demands of your lifestyle. An athlete’s diet is probably going to be a lot different than a 9 to 5 office worker. For athletes, the choices you make in food directly impact sports performance, training and recovery (see the 99 Bikes website for more athletic nutrition tips!) All in all, if you want to make changes to what you put in your body, see a naturopath and find the right diet for your body and lifestyle.

What are your nutritional tips? Tell us in the comments below.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Reconnected with a Friend

I happen to chat with a highschool friend of mine when I had a few time to spare on my FB account. It was so exciting to hear from her again after so many years and thanks to Facebook for reconnecting me to her once again. She didn't know that I migrated already here in Australia many years ago and when she saw my family she can't help but to feel envy. I asked about her own family and it seems she has a sad story to tell.

It appears that she and her husband are separated already fro 5 years now because of a major issue that she can't tolerate anymore. He is into drugs and no amount of help or advice can persuade him to change or even go inside a rehab just like the las vegas treatment facility that I read online. It would have been nice if he can enter such facilities for it can help him a lot. Right now, she and her 2 children are living in their mother's care and struggling.

How'd I wish no more families will be broken because of those vices and drugs for it can really ruin anyone's lives. I am deeply sad for my friend and hope she'll find peace and I hope she'll bounce back again.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Our Adventure at the Blue Mountains National Park

The last we went up the Blue Mountains  was in 2005 when my sis Jen came here for a vacation. I just gave birth to my youngest daughter during those days so we just stayed at the observatory and didn't dare to go down till 3 Sisters sandstone rock formation, It was my eldest daughter and my sis who got challenged walking down and even reached 3 Sisters which they said they had an awesome experience.

Last month, my family went up again and the kids were all excited. What a nice day out at the mountain .. we did the scenic ride . Railway . Cable and skyrail plus heaps of walking ... great weekend!

Blue Mountains National Park
World Heritage Park

The Blue Mountains is a mountainous region in New South Wales, Australia. It borders on Sydney's metropolitan area, its foothills starting about 50 kilometres (31 mi) west of the state capital.The public's understanding of the extent of the Blue Mountains is varied, as it forms only part of an extensive mountainous area associated with the Great Dividing Range. by wikipedia

Here are some of our pics.

Need some Pampering

Ahhhh.. loads of work to do but I'm not complaining though. I'm happy with the way things are happening right now. I'm busy doing house stuff, being a wife, a mum to my kids and working part-time. Been busy shopping (the magic word!) as well because I'm filling up big boxes to be send back home. We'll be spending the holidays this year in the Philippines that is why I need to gifts and other stuff. I'm sure it's gonna be fun and I'm actually excited.

I can't believe that 2 more months and we'll be taking a vacation overseas once again as a complete family. Anyway, I got sick the last few weeks and I'm back. I just need some "ME" time. Some pampering of sorts. I remember my cousin in the US about the river north massage therapy center and I'm just hoping that I'll have some massage as well.

My sister back home even recommend a nice massage and spa treatment center that we can go while we are there. In the meantime, I think my hubby's back massage will do the trick.

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