Tuesday, December 10, 2013

For the Love of Watches

One of the many things that I remember about my sis Jen is her love for watches. She used to tell me that she always pass by a watch store evrything she go to the mall. It doesn't mean that she'll buy a watch but she just wanted to feast on beautiful timepieces. Actually, when she was here in OZ land for her vacation in 2008, my hubby gave her a DKNY gold watch as a gift and when she saw a sale at the mall she bought another one. Ahh.. not sure why she loves watches so much but all I know is that she's almost always on time.

I guess, she loves watches because not only she can use it to know the time but she can use it as a fashion statement. Watches are an important accessory for every man and woman and a great investment too. There's no doubt that she'll drool over these TAG Heuer watches when she will see them. She's actually wanted to have an oversize watch eventhough she has a small wrist, maybe she wanted to be follow the trend these days.

Now, it's making me realize that I should buy her a nice watch for Christmas.. Shhh.. she might read this.

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