Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Reconnected with a Friend

I happen to chat with a highschool friend of mine when I had a few time to spare on my FB account. It was so exciting to hear from her again after so many years and thanks to Facebook for reconnecting me to her once again. She didn't know that I migrated already here in Australia many years ago and when she saw my family she can't help but to feel envy. I asked about her own family and it seems she has a sad story to tell.

It appears that she and her husband are separated already fro 5 years now because of a major issue that she can't tolerate anymore. He is into drugs and no amount of help or advice can persuade him to change or even go inside a rehab just like the las vegas treatment facility that I read online. It would have been nice if he can enter such facilities for it can help him a lot. Right now, she and her 2 children are living in their mother's care and struggling.

How'd I wish no more families will be broken because of those vices and drugs for it can really ruin anyone's lives. I am deeply sad for my friend and hope she'll find peace and I hope she'll bounce back again.


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