Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Ongoing Home Projects

These days, our household has been pretty much busy with all the different activities that we have been doing. I've been trying to bake some cuppies and cakes again for a client while the kids are roaming around the house with our cute pet dog. My husband is trying to be busy as well in his business, the holidays are coming so we need some extra money for our overseas trip this December. The kids can't wait for that any longer as what I am hearing from them.

 However, before we take our much needed vacation this coming holiday, we need to prepare our house or should I say keep our house organize too. We don;t want to leave with some pending house renovations and projects. We had trouble finding some unique handles for our door, so dear hubby went downtown to check the local shop complete his project. I have to ask him to check on our garden and repair the little house for our chooks too for the fox has been cheeky lately.


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