Thursday, September 26, 2013

Five Ways to Free up Some Space in Your Kid’s Rooms

It’s all too easy for your kids room to become a pig sty; in fact, they will make every effort to ensure it happens. What kid doesn’t like pigs? Children have lots of difficult to store items like soft toys, mini-trucks and lego, and a stink is always kicked up if any of them go missing. This means not only that storage needs to be effective so one doesn’t end up using a Tonka truck as a rollerskate, but also immediately accessible.

Bunk Up

Bunkbeds are not only a savvy use of space; they will offer your child as much enjoyment in play as they will offer them sound slumber. If you have two children sleeping in the same room the major use of space will be the two bedframes. Economising with bunkbeds is a brilliant way to free up floor space and utilise vertical space, a trick which a lot of people overlook. Many bunkbeds can also be fitted with drawers underneath for extra storage. Single bed bunks with wardrobes underneath are another option for a room with only one child, using only half the floor space needed for both a bed and wardrobe. Head to to check out the full range and find something that suits your needs.

Attic Space

An increasingly popular trend to develope the attic space of your house into a storage space or even extra room. Not only could attic space be used as toy storage, but if you child is old enough to climb a ladder, and if your attic space is big enough, it could even be used as an extra bedroom!

Don’t Be Afraid to Look Under the Bed

Under the bed is usually a scary place in anyone’s room but especially in those of children. Not because of monsters, but because of all the rubbish that accumulates under there. No one dares venture under it except in the desperate search for lost toys. This doesn’t need to be dead space though. You can fit rails with caster-wheeled baskets to the underside of beds so you can slide the baskets out and under. This allows for ventilation and avoids excess build up of dust and debris.

Pigeon Hole It

Another good use of vertical space is to mount pigeon holes or shelves directly onto you wall. This doubles as both a storage solution and a decor idea. Precious or delicate items, including findings from nature like seashells, can be put on display. It also allows easy access for toys and books.


For bulky or awkwardly shaped items like stuffed animals, model cars and moving equipment it can be had to find a storage solution. The best idea for these items is big trunks that can be placed at the foot of the bed. With a swinging lid and at an easy-to-access height, trunks are the perfect idea for frequently used toys that can be hauled out and then just chucked back in without worrying about sorting or breakages.


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