Friday, July 26, 2013

The 5 Best Catches in the History of Cricket Australia

There have been some truly spectacular catches in Australian cricket history, with the team always among the top fielding sides in the world. The Australians may not always have the best players, but they will give 110% out on the field. This effort, intensity, and agility was particularly apparent in these five great catches:

Glenn McGrath vs. England

Glenn McGrath took a brilliant boundary catch off Shane Warne's bowling to get rid of England's danger man, Kevin Pieterson. England were looking good at that stage, with Pieterson hitting Shane Warne all over the Syndey Cricket Ground. However, McGrath was determined to help his fellow bowler out, and he took a truly sensational catch at the boundary. Shane Warne bowled a traditional leg spinner, which Pieterson attempted to slog sweep for six. The ball hit the top of the bat, and McGrath took a diving catch near the boundary rope.

Adam Dale (Australian Country Cricket)

It is rare that such feats of excellence are seen in country cricket, but Adam Dale's catch was a phenomenal moment in Australian cricket. The game was a 50 over One Day International, with the batting side looking to slog their way towards the winning target in the last few overs. It looked as though they would achieve the target, but Adam Dale's one handed diving catch at the mid off boundary changed the complexion of the game.

Steve Waugh vs. West Indies

This catch took place in the 1992 World Cup, which was held in Australia. The team were facing a determined West Indies side, who had already caused damage earlier in the tournament. The West Indies batsman hit a stunning shot straight over the top of the bowler, but forgot that there were two fielders at the deep boundary. For a moment it looked as if the fielders would converge on each other, but Waugh managed to take a very difficult catch while avoiding the boundary rope.

Andy Bichel vs. India

The Indian openers, particularly Gautam Gambhir, were looking very dangerous during this tri series ODI game. The two openers had started off very well, and it seemed as though they would continue to score at will. However, Gambhir only managed to top edge an attempted pull shot and it went sailing up towards the third man boundary. It looked as though he would get away with the shot, but Bichel ran close to 40 yards and took a diving catch to get Australia the breakthrough.

Paul "Fatty" Vautin (Domestic Cricket)

Paul Vautin will never be remembered as an exceptional cricketer, mostly due to his lack of physical fitness, but no one will ever forget the one handed catch he took in a domestic cricket game. The batsman slogged the ball towards the square leg boundary, yet miss timed the shot. Instead of attempting to get underneath the ball, Vautin simply stuck his hand out and took a sensational one handed catch, something most fielders would have been incapable of completing.

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