Wednesday, July 31, 2013

From Australia with Love

It's been 4 years (2009) since the last time my whole family went back in the Philippines for our Christmas and New Year celebration. It was indeed a fun affair for all of us since we also went to Hongkong that year and this year we are planning to go back home for Christmas. Yey!

I've already started my shopping and I'm so excited. I might have to fill a big box with lots of goodies for Christmas and send it back home first before we arrive. I need to make sure that I will fill the whole back early and send it early before the rush holidays will come.

Since I will be sending some fragile items,I'll be needing a safe and durable packaging for shipping so the chances of them being broken will be minimal. I remember buying some foams to safely pack some plates just like what I did few years ago.

Ahhh.. I can't wait to fill the box and send it from Australia with love.


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