Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Crazy for Australia

I remember getting crazy over cross-stitching way back in the late 90's way back home. I have stitched probably around 5-10 designs and I have some framed cross-stitched items that I brought here in Australia. Some of the unframed pieces, though smaller ones are kept by my sister in the Philippines.

Sis Jen used to sell cross-stitch materials and since then we are hooked by this addictive hobby. I remember staying up late at night with the hopes of finishing what I am stitching.

Not quite sure if I will be able to hold a needle and stitch again for I'm too busy with a lot of things. If ever, I would love to stitch one of these crazy for Australia designs soon. 

From Australia with Love

It's been 4 years (2009) since the last time my whole family went back in the Philippines for our Christmas and New Year celebration. It was indeed a fun affair for all of us since we also went to Hongkong that year and this year we are planning to go back home for Christmas. Yey!

I've already started my shopping and I'm so excited. I might have to fill a big box with lots of goodies for Christmas and send it back home first before we arrive. I need to make sure that I will fill the whole back early and send it early before the rush holidays will come.

Since I will be sending some fragile items,I'll be needing a safe and durable packaging for shipping so the chances of them being broken will be minimal. I remember buying some foams to safely pack some plates just like what I did few years ago.

Ahhh.. I can't wait to fill the box and send it from Australia with love.

Friday, July 26, 2013

The 5 Best Catches in the History of Cricket Australia

There have been some truly spectacular catches in Australian cricket history, with the team always among the top fielding sides in the world. The Australians may not always have the best players, but they will give 110% out on the field. This effort, intensity, and agility was particularly apparent in these five great catches:

Glenn McGrath vs. England

Glenn McGrath took a brilliant boundary catch off Shane Warne's bowling to get rid of England's danger man, Kevin Pieterson. England were looking good at that stage, with Pieterson hitting Shane Warne all over the Syndey Cricket Ground. However, McGrath was determined to help his fellow bowler out, and he took a truly sensational catch at the boundary. Shane Warne bowled a traditional leg spinner, which Pieterson attempted to slog sweep for six. The ball hit the top of the bat, and McGrath took a diving catch near the boundary rope.

Adam Dale (Australian Country Cricket)

It is rare that such feats of excellence are seen in country cricket, but Adam Dale's catch was a phenomenal moment in Australian cricket. The game was a 50 over One Day International, with the batting side looking to slog their way towards the winning target in the last few overs. It looked as though they would achieve the target, but Adam Dale's one handed diving catch at the mid off boundary changed the complexion of the game.

Steve Waugh vs. West Indies

This catch took place in the 1992 World Cup, which was held in Australia. The team were facing a determined West Indies side, who had already caused damage earlier in the tournament. The West Indies batsman hit a stunning shot straight over the top of the bowler, but forgot that there were two fielders at the deep boundary. For a moment it looked as if the fielders would converge on each other, but Waugh managed to take a very difficult catch while avoiding the boundary rope.

Andy Bichel vs. India

The Indian openers, particularly Gautam Gambhir, were looking very dangerous during this tri series ODI game. The two openers had started off very well, and it seemed as though they would continue to score at will. However, Gambhir only managed to top edge an attempted pull shot and it went sailing up towards the third man boundary. It looked as though he would get away with the shot, but Bichel ran close to 40 yards and took a diving catch to get Australia the breakthrough.

Paul "Fatty" Vautin (Domestic Cricket)

Paul Vautin will never be remembered as an exceptional cricketer, mostly due to his lack of physical fitness, but no one will ever forget the one handed catch he took in a domestic cricket game. The batsman slogged the ball towards the square leg boundary, yet miss timed the shot. Instead of attempting to get underneath the ball, Vautin simply stuck his hand out and took a sensational one handed catch, something most fielders would have been incapable of completing.

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Essentials Required When Moving Home

It can be hard to survive when all your belongings are wrapped up and stored in boxes. It can be challenging to work out what you need to keep at a safe distance. It can feel as though everything is useful. It didn’t serve a purpose you probably wouldn’t have it in the first place. The following article lists the essentials that you should keep close to your fingertips.


Water, it’s that clear stuff you are meant to drink every day can come in handy. If you drink water straight out of the faucet then move on to the next suggestion but for unlucky readers please continue on. If you need a filtering system to make it palatable it’s only fitting that you do not pack it up. Keep in your car so it’s easy to grab and transport to your brand new kitchen. It shouldn’t be too much in the way in the corner of a bench. You’ll need to keep hydrated whilst packing and unpacking. Little extras you should keep in mind; cups, bottles, dried snacks as they don’t require utensils and basic food necessities.


In this day and age it’s hard to find someone without one piece of technology on their body but it never hurts to double check. You will obviously need your cell phone. You want to be easily contactable, specifically if you working with a moving company. You’ll also need some simple technology like flashlights and spare batteries, light bulbs. When you are remembering all of these big things please don’t forget the little thinks, i.e. keys, money and toilet paper.

Cleaning supplies

It is so much easier to clean an empty room. Do yourself a favour and take the time to clean your new house before you fill it with your belongings. Basic cleaning products that will come in handy include; Paper towels/ cloths, all-purpose cleaner product, buckets, sponges, broom, dustpan and basic towels for the kitchen.

Night needs

To spend the night in your new humble abode you’ll need some bedding. Make a check list which will include; pillows, bath towels, toiletries and blankets. You want to be able to make your bed fast after such a long day or moving. If you know your new is quite light in the morning add curtains to your list. You want your first night in your new home to be positive. This is where you are going to be living after all.

Finally, remember to label every box. If you have to temporarily put some things in storage, Fort Knox for example, you want to know exactly what you’ve left there. Make your life easier and work with categories so you don’t have to search through every box for a pair of scissors. It’s normally easier to work by room and then by contents. Don’t freak out if you don’t leave something out you need, take a moment to calm down an you’ll remember where you put it.

About the Author

Holly has recently moved into her first home and has been sharing her experience via blogging.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Public Holidays 2013-2015 in NSW

Here's a list of NSW Public Holidays for the years 2013-2015. This is very helpful especially if you want to go on a holiday. My family and I will be checking out these dates because we want to have a long family vacation up the coast.

2013 2014 2015
New Year's Day Tuesday, 1 January Wednesday, 1 January Thursday, 1 January
**Australia Day Monday, 28 January Monday, 27 January Monday, 26 January
Good Friday Friday, 29 March Friday, 18 April Friday, 3 April
Easter Saturday Saturday, 30 March Saturday, 19 April Saturday, 4 April
Easter Sunday Sunday, 31 March Sunday, 20 April Sunday, 5 April
Easter Monday Monday, 1 April Monday, 21 April Monday, 6 April
Anzac Day Thursday, 25 April Friday, 25 April Saturday, 25 April
Queen's Birthday Monday, 10 June Monday, 9 June Monday, 8 June
*Bank Holiday Monday, 5 August Monday, 4 August Monday, 3 August
Labour Day Monday, 7 October Monday, 6 October Monday, 5 October
Christmas Day public holiday Wednesday, 25 December Thursday, 25 December Friday, 25 December
Boxing Day Thursday, 26 December Friday, 26 December Saturday, 26 December
#Additional Day

Monday, 28 December


Saturday, July 6, 2013

Labels on Products

Finally, I now have more time to bake my goodies. I had very busy days before that I wasn't able to bake and get more orders for my small baking business at BELLA SWEET CAKES.

Right now, I'm also searching for some new designs on the cupcake toppers that I am offering. Customers keep on asking for new designs so I'm tinkering with computer and also asking my niece to whip up new exciting designs for me. I might also look for printing company near our place to print some labels for me just like wholesale labels from that I saw. Ordering by the bulk is always good for I can get good discounts when I do that.

Also, I'm started making some new designs for the various invitations that I am making. I might ask my sister to help me out with some of the layouts that I am thinking and hoping she can put it on the layouts that I want.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Australia's Biggest Toy Sale at Target

This year, I wanted to organize my shopping for Christmas presents so I am starting early. I have some loots already when I shopped at BIG W's Giant Toy Spectacular last weekend. I have some good finds and I know my family will love them all especially my niece and missy mu.

Again, I am going to check out Target's Australia's Biggest Toy Sale that started on June 26th and will end on July 10th.

You can check out the Target Toy Sale 2013 catalogue, and head to the shop asap..!

Bullying In the Workplace | Safe Work Australia's Code of Practice 2013

When many people think about bullying, they think about a school age child being picked on or teased or a bigger kid stealing another kid's lunch at school, but the fact is that bullying comes in various forms. It involves using intimidation, scare tactics and threats to evoke a certain action or response from another individual. The unfortunate truth is that it is more common in the workplace than you may think. It may involve two co-workers or an employee and a manager. Because of how problematic the issue is for employers today, Australia has implemented the Safe Work Australia Code of Practice 2013 that addresses how employees should respond to bullying.

An Anti-Bullying Document

google search image
First, your company should prepare an anti-bullying document that defines for employees what constitutes bullying or harassment at work. It should be inclusive of all aspects of bullying, including actions performed by both supervisors or managers and co-workers. It should also clearly define what steps the employees should take if they believe they are being bullied at work, and it should address the possible consequences for those who are determined to be guilty of bullying at work. This document should be distributed to all workers and managers once it has been prepared.

Procedures to Follow

Those who work for your company should know and understand what steps they should follow after being bullied at work. The procedures should include the employee making a written statement that fully details the issue and who the bully is. Procedures should also include information about who to file the complaint with and what timeframe should be expected for the company to respond in.

How to Respond to a Complaint

Employees should also know how to respond to a bullying complaint, and the company’s actions should be outlined in the anti-bullying document. The document may include steps that the company may take to investigate the complaint. These steps may include interviewing witnesses and getting their statements. In some cases, an investigation may not be necessary. If an employee is found guilty of bullying, the company should use a clearly outlined list of consequences to deal with the bully if he or she has been found guilty of bullying at work.

Using intimidation or scare tactics in the workplace can create negative feelings amongst co-workers or between co-workers and supervisors, and in some cases, it may have even more pronounced effects on the individual or the company. Under the Code of Practice document issued by the government, employers should take steps to prepare an anti-bullying document, and this document should include a list of procedures to follow when an employee has been bullied or should outline potential or expected responses by the company when a complaint is filed. All employees should be provided with a work environment that allows them to work with dignity and respect, and this anti-bullying document can establish the groundwork to ensure that this happens.

For compliance training regarding Safe Work Australia's policies and practices visit hba learning centres Melbourne.

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