Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Benefits of Using Australias eHealth Network

Medicares new eHealth Network makes looking after health easier than ever before. Through the Medicare Local initiative, set up by the Australian Government, the community benefits through receiving a higher level of health care, across the nation. By connecting health networks across the country it means that health information is available to health practitioners quickly, so they can assess the situation and provide the help needed as soon as possible. The system links networks within the health system enabling a higher level of service for all parties. Its benefits are far reaching, and enable Medicare to provide assistance to communities in regional areas. Some benefits of the network include:

Meeting Local Needs

Knowing what is needed in local areas is an important part of local health care providing the resources that are suited to the local area. Because the eHealth Network system focusses on linking local health care providers it means that local organisations can network within their area to pool resources and work to provide the highest health care available for their local community. This will enable them to meet local needs with greater success than before and provide the best health care possible.

Network Across Health Organisations

Rather than health organisations being isolated from each other, the eHealth Network allows them to network with each other to provide a more holistic level of care for the community and for those using their services. Because the network is a national one it allows for health care providers to share information and assess the situation based on all the information. For community members who have medical information in other areas in the country, their information can now be accessed in the local area that they are living at the time, which means that their health practitioner has access to all the information needed to provide the highest level of care and get them back on their feet quicker.

Access to Health Information

Access to more information means a higher level of service for all community members using the network, from practitioners to community members using the health services. It provides the opportunity to share information and pool resources so that organisations can network with each other to ensure that the community gets the highest level of care available, across the health organisations within the local area.

Membership Resources

A key component of the Medicare eHealth Network is membership, and Medicare is keen to expand its network of members within the eHealth Network. Membership is open to clinicians working in primary health in the region, organisations delivering primary health care services and organisations and individuals representing primary health care providers or the community. The ability to share resources means that they are available across health care providers, allowing shared knowledge to enable health care practitioners to provide the highest level of care available. For more information or to become a member of the Medicare eHealth Network in the Darling Downs – South West Queensland region go to

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