Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Migrating in a Different Country

I see no reason why a lot of people want to migrate in Australia, Canada, US or some other countries for they think they will have a chance of having a good life. Though not all are given visas to migrate to the country of their choice, more people are still submitting their applications at the embassies.

There are still high incidence of overstaying and that will only pose danger to their status for they will be sued by the state once caught. Those that are allowed to migrate would even go as far as getting an immigration attorney to assist them in any legal aspects when it comes to laws in the US.

Thankfully, my sister was always granted tourist visas every time we applied for her coming here. It only shows that her intention is pure in just having a vacation here and not to overstay or illegally migrate in Australia. If ever she wishes to migrate here, she needs to follow the right legal steps.


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