Friday, June 28, 2013

Checking on some Musical Instruments

A day without music is like a life without hearing. I always try to listen to music in anyway I can, be it on my iPod, phone, iPad, pc, car's CD or whatever for it just keeps me going on. I was at the mall yesterday shopping for some toys for Christmas (yes Christmas!) because there's a big sale at Big W and I saw some musical toys as well that can perfectly fit my growing up godchildren, so I grabbed some.

My dear daughter and son also asked me to drop by the music store to check on the portable piano and guitar that they wanted to have. I was also overwhelmed with all the musical instruments and stuff that I saw at the shops and I was intrigued with the wittner metronome that I saw. At first I didn't know where it is used but later on learned that it is used by musician when they are practicing to keep them in tempo.

Not sure if I can get them what they wanted this weekend for I still need to consult hubby about it.


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