Tuesday, June 25, 2013

5 Property Hotspots in Australia in 2013

If you're looking to invest in some real estate this year, look no further than these top picks for Aussie property hotspots set to take off in 2013.

Abbotsford, VIC

Just 3km northeast of Melbourne you'll find Abbotsford, which sits on the Yarra River in between Collingwood, Richmond, and Clifton Hill. Between its river sports and its strong brewing history with the Carlton and United Breweries as well as many microbreweries in the area, Abbotsford has long drawn many travellers and has a habit of ensnaring them as residents. Property prices in Abbotsford are at an all time high and growth only seems to be continuing. The median house price is around $710,000, meaning median house values have jumped over $300,000 in the last decade. Median prices for units sit at an impressive $592,000.

Annandale, NSW

Annandale is located 4km west of Sydney and presents the ideal opportunity for buyers and investors looking to grab a slice of Sydney's hottest suburbs. It sits on Rozelle Bay on Sydney Harbour between Glebe and Leichardt with Stanmore to the south. With many heritage listed buildings, three schools and many public amenities including bus and train access, it's a picturesque location that's ideal for working families. With values ever climbing, the median house price at April this year soared to a whopping $1,200,000, a $345k jump in the last 12 months. Units here fetch a median price of $555,250 and have remained quite steady over the past decade, making for a sound and reliable investment.

Armadale, NSW

For WA buyers looking to escape Perth's city lifestyle, Armadale is one of the hottest areas in WA for property at present. It sits 25km southeast of Perth, with easily accessed highways and rail facilities connecting it with the rest of WA. There are several primary, secondary and tertiary education facilities including TAFE and Air Force Cadets. Since its boom in 2007, real estate values in Armadale have remained a steady and affordable investment with ample supply to keep up with property demands. It's a buyer's market in Armadale at present, with median house prices of $285,000 and unit prices of $208,000 making it a highly affordable area in which experts are predicting good growth over the next few years.

Ashgrove, QLD

Ashgrove, Quennsland (Image via: wikipedia)
Just 4km northwest of the CBD, Ashgrove is one of Brisbane's hottest inner suburbs for real estate at the moment. It's a suburb full of classic Queenslander-style houses and has been able to avoid being densely populated by apartment blocks and units. Home to many private and public schools, a TAFE, numerous sporting clubs, a library and a multitude of shopping and dining options, Ashgrove is a spacious, thriving community. The suburb has recently experienced an unprecedented real estate boom and property values are at an all time high with the median house sale price reaching $1,220,000 in March of this year, almost doubling over the past 12 months. Units here have remained a steady investment with median prices fetching around $392,000.

Turner, ACT

Just 5km north of Canberra, the country's capital, sits the suburb of Turner. A relatively new suburb, it was designed over the 1940s and 50s with wide roads, large nature strips and vast parks, making it one of the ACTs most spacious neighbourhoods. Over the past decade Turner has seen steady upward real estate growth for houses. The past 12 months has seen the median house price dance around the $1m mark, most recently settling on $941,000 in April. The median price for units remains generally steady, currently sitting at about $525,000. With demand high and outweighing supply, housing values are expected to continue their growth upward. These five hotspots are ones to keep your eye on this year, but don't hold back, these secrets will all be out soon enough and these sought after suburbs will be hot property in 2013 once big developers like Coral Homes set their sights on the up and comers.


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