Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Full of Interests

Ahhh.. time flies so fast.!!

My lil girl Bianca is now in Year 3 and she's getting beautiful each day. At 8 years old she is very smart and as usual a chatterbox. She loves school and love even loves to join most of the school activities. She is an all around girl for she is into dancing , sport  and now she is showing signs of loving music and wanted to play a musical instrument too. Yay.

I remember my older bro also nags our mom that he wanted to have a guitar and a piano. If the Internet is already used by that time, there's no doubt that he'd also ask for  a piano.

Anyway, I'll support my daughter all the way through and if she wants to sing, dance or play any musical instrument as long as she will do good in school as well. 

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