Thursday, March 7, 2013

Last Song Syndrome (LSS)

Always believe in your soul 
You've got the power to know 
You're indestructible 
Always believe in, because you are 

 Oh boy, that song from Spandau Ballet keeps ringing in my ear for many hours now. It's been one my fave songs in the 80's and it keeps on bringing lots of good memories back in those days. I can still remember when my friends and I were singing it on our way home from duty and we all burst into laughter when some people look at us because we're loud.

A guy friend is even playing the song on his guitar on one of our outings and seriously Spandau Ballet songs and other songs back in the 80's are classic. Up to these days, some artists are reviving those songs with a twist. Oh I guess I have to ask my daughter now to hone her guitar playing skills and can even promise her that I'll get her a new acoustic bass guitar at music123 if she can play this song for me. Yay.....

Now, I have to get this song out of my head now.


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