Monday, April 23, 2012

Things to do at Home

Its been a year since we moved in into our new house ,, its been such a long journey specially building and managing our own house ,, we opted to be a owner builder , instead of using a site builder ,it was hard doing it ourselves,, my hubby is very handy and quite good dealing with people ,, but there are things that are best left to the professionals ,, we saved  a lot of money  but if we have a choice we can do with a site builder  ,, but anyways ,,I love the house ,, there are things that we are not overly excited about ,, but its the way we live our lives ,, we love the vast space and the serenity of our surroundings ,, there are still 1001 things to do ,, we are just just waiting for funds and hopefully we can do and finish the house slowly but surely ...

Picture shown hubby organizing the backyard ,,,  big rocks being delivered so that we can do the retaining walls and finish the backyard with a grass.

Love the Bling

I love Bling !!!   these blings were given to me by my hubby,  set of earring for our Anniversary a few years back , then paired with a ring 2 years after ..  Diamonds are girls best friend ,, I definitely agree .
I love those diamond earrings for women and ususally wear them when Im out ,, not just for any special occasion but anywhere I go ,, I love to wear em and dont want them to be just kept away ,, hubby loves to see me wear  stuff that he gave me . 
Hopefully a nice necklace matching the earrings and the ring will be generously given to me ..  paging Hubby ,, its a hint ......

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Fresh Water Pearls: A Must Have

Fresh water pearls seem to be on the top 20 most beautiful gems list for years! That is because they never go out of style. Everyone wants a set and everyone wants to follow the trends. So hurry and buy yours too. You won’t regret the decision. These gems offer powers as some would say such as love, power, and luck, then for children they offer safety and protection. Since they are gems that are created by a living organism they have imperfections, which is perfect for the newest trend. We see colored jeans around us and add a cute pearl piece of jewelry for 75% off retail prices and tell me that your outfit our not be completed for the spring/summer season.

A pearl set is truly the way to go! You can never go wrong with a bracelet, necklace, and matching earrings. For the prices of a set in retail would be outrageously expensive, however, eliminating the middle man and working directly with the designers creates more original pieces which are always my favorite. Sets can make a great gift to yourself or you coworker. The combination package is always the way to go with any deal like this!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

New Poster

I love to browse on ETSY ,, where most things are hand made ,, I love looking at those girly stuff ,, my lil girl loves to wear frilly and something vintage and the there are heaps of stuff to look at ..

Last time I bought something for my daughter to be placed in her bedroom, a cute owl poster ,, it was nicely packaged in a mailing tubes ,, thank goodness for those mailing tubes they are well protcted and no damage at all .. Now , I am thinking if I should just hang it without a frame ,, I reckon it will still look good, considering my lil girls room looks like a whimsical room full of nic nacs ..

I will post some pics once Im done arranging her bedroom ,, getting excited here ...

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