Monday, August 20, 2012

No more exciting to watch

Now that the Olympics 2012 is finished ,, have to watch regular shows again ,, I quite enjoy watching the games, loving also that we have a Foxtel so we have 8 channels to choose from ,, sometimes I even record a game to watch later on , my husband enjoy watching the weight lifting ,, I in fact enjoyed the gymnastics and the equestrian ,, how majestic the y look and I gulped every time  a horse jumps on a hurdle ,,, just like the Royal Zara Philipps who competed in a Dressage portion,, so much fuss on her but she did really well ,, deserve to earn a Silver medal .., majestic horse and must be a fine english saddles .
It was enjoyable to watch the it ...

I laos loved the closing ceremony of the Olympics,, oh boy it was like the greatest show on earth ,, a great concert ,, with most of the singers and entertainers that really stunned the nation .

Now,, I think Im having an Olympics withdrawal syndrome .,,,  nothing interesting to watch ,, reality shows sucks ..... errr,,,


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