Monday, August 20, 2012

Need to renovate

We've been in our new house for more than a year now and I must say that there are still heaps of things to do at home, like painting the toilet ceiling , painting the doors , putting up curtains , finishing the shower door and lots and lots of work ...   I know I dont have to whinge because we live in anice place , nice view and quiet and we are comfortable at home ,, maybe thats why we cant be bothered finishing off the house ... But the more I watch renovation shows that more I get to see all the things that needed to be done here at home ...
Since the budget is tight at the moment , we have to do DIY jobs at home ,, last weekend we visited home stores  , its warming up here in Australia and the shops are getting busy with people eager to tackle work at home renovation ..  It is good to get some ideas and inspiration in that place ,,  so after the short visit ,, we went home and wrote down a list of things to do ,, and hopefully we can start doing number 1 list straight away ... Wish us luck!

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