Friday, August 24, 2012

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Monday, August 20, 2012

No more exciting to watch

Now that the Olympics 2012 is finished ,, have to watch regular shows again ,, I quite enjoy watching the games, loving also that we have a Foxtel so we have 8 channels to choose from ,, sometimes I even record a game to watch later on , my husband enjoy watching the weight lifting ,, I in fact enjoyed the gymnastics and the equestrian ,, how majestic the y look and I gulped every time  a horse jumps on a hurdle ,,, just like the Royal Zara Philipps who competed in a Dressage portion,, so much fuss on her but she did really well ,, deserve to earn a Silver medal .., majestic horse and must be a fine english saddles .
It was enjoyable to watch the it ...

I laos loved the closing ceremony of the Olympics,, oh boy it was like the greatest show on earth ,, a great concert ,, with most of the singers and entertainers that really stunned the nation .

Now,, I think Im having an Olympics withdrawal syndrome .,,,  nothing interesting to watch ,, reality shows sucks ..... errr,,,

Need to renovate

We've been in our new house for more than a year now and I must say that there are still heaps of things to do at home, like painting the toilet ceiling , painting the doors , putting up curtains , finishing the shower door and lots and lots of work ...   I know I dont have to whinge because we live in anice place , nice view and quiet and we are comfortable at home ,, maybe thats why we cant be bothered finishing off the house ... But the more I watch renovation shows that more I get to see all the things that needed to be done here at home ...
Since the budget is tight at the moment , we have to do DIY jobs at home ,, last weekend we visited home stores  , its warming up here in Australia and the shops are getting busy with people eager to tackle work at home renovation ..  It is good to get some ideas and inspiration in that place ,,  so after the short visit ,, we went home and wrote down a list of things to do ,, and hopefully we can start doing number 1 list straight away ... Wish us luck!

Friday, August 17, 2012

What is Exactly Is Menopause? Things All Women Should Know

Everyone's probably heard of menopause, but what is it really? It is a natural event that begins once a woman's fertility and menstrual cycle end. It occurs when the ovaries are no long able to produce the two essential hormones of a woman's reproductive cycle, estrogen and progesterone.

When Do Women Typically Enter Menopause?
This event generally begins anywhere from the ages of 40 to 58, but the average age is about 51. Some women will begin this process early as their late 30s, or as late as their 60s. If, however, it does begin earlier in a woman who is younger than 35, this is condition is usually slapped with the title of premature menopause.

Though it typically occurs when a woman is in her middle age years, it can actually happen abruptly, as a result of certain situations, such as a surgical procedure, illness, or treatment of a disease.

What Are the Symptoms?
Most women will experience a variety of menopausal symptoms. The first of which occurs when a woman first enters menopause, in which her menstrual cycle will become very irregular. Then gasp! It just stops. Period. (Pardon the pun.) For some very lucky ladies, there will be no more symptoms. For the majority of women, though, they will experience frustrating symptoms, which are typically associated with reducing levels of estrogen.

Here is a list of typical menopausal symptoms:

  • Mood Swings
  • Reduced libido
  • Sweating
  • Hot Flashes
  • Increased Heart Rate
  • Headaches
  • Insomnia
  • Vaginal Discomfort

Stages of Menopause
Did you know there are actually stages? Well it's true, as menopause is actually a very gradual process. The events that occur upon a woman entering this new part of her life, will induce changes both socially and physically; however treatments for menopause will often cover all of the stages of menopause. Physically speaking, here are the four primary stages:

1. Premenopause: Some doctors and experts feel that this term should include the complete reproductive period, all the way up to the final stages of the menstrual cycle, while others consider this term to refer to a woman who is on the verge of becoming menopausal. By now, a woman's period has just started to become irregular, yet she does not experience any of the other menopausal signs, such as vaginal dryness and hot flashes. Typically, at this stage, she will be in her mid-to-late 40s or so. Assuming your doctor tells you that you're in this stage, go ahead ask how she or her uses this term.

2. Perimenopause: Perimenopause typically happens to women when they are about 47. This word refers to a woman who is in the transition phase between premenopause and menopause. By now, her cycles have gone from normal to irregular, and her body is now shifting from being to fertile to becoming permanently infertile.

3. Menopause: This is the biggie. As the process progresses, a woman in menopause is now in the area of her life in which her menstrual period permanently stops. However, it doesn't just happen at the snap of your fingers. Typically, you won't be able to know your exact final period. As such, a woman will know that she has had her final period, only when a whole year has gone by and she had not menstruated.

   *Note: Once you've had a year go by in which you are no longer menstruating due to menopause, any vaginal bleeding after this is considered to be abnormal. If this happens, contact your doctor for professional advice.

4. Postmenopausal: This term typically refers to the last third of a woman's life. It covers all women who have not menstruated for at least one year, up to a woman even older than 100 (presuming she lives that long) and beyond even that, up until death. Basically, once you're past your menopause stage, you will from then on, be referred to as postmenopausal for the remainder of your life.

We all know menopause doesn't sound fun in the least bit, and most women think of it as a some kind of taboo that will eventually take place. However, it is important to know that it is not an illness, a disease, or anything of the sort. That it is in fact, a natural and healthy time in a female's life – a stepping stone that every woman will have to go through one day.

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