Saturday, July 14, 2012

Shopping again

When I was on holiday in Singapore I went out with my sister to go shopping , aside from fashion , we also went to electronics store and browse around ,,,I wastrying to comapre the prices from there to Australia , and there is only a small diffrence ,, so I thought tht there is no need on looking around ,, I can also get a toshiba coupons   if I want to  get extra deal .  so off we wnet and staright to the shoes ,,, ahhhh shoes ,,,  my sis and I love shoe shopping ,, latest trend ,, new colours and lovek shoes with heels , flat , wedges and boots. But most of all we can try them ,, Im not going to divulge how many pairs of shoes I bought .. shezzzz...  hubby might be reading this ,, I 'll just say its fun shopping ....


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