Saturday, July 14, 2012

Just got back

I just got back from a week holiday in Singapore , I went by myself  leaving my 3 kids with my husband , yeah I know,, I was feeling bad leaving them ,, but I guess its more cheaper to go by myself,, I went to Singapore to meet up with my Mum and sisters who are coming from different countries,, it was just a week of bonding and catching up, It was good to see them again,, lots of laughter and eating . Sinfagaore is such a beautiful country very clean and organized ,, we went to most of the tourist spots and we just had a ball ,,, it was a good break for me ,, enjoying every minute of it ,, although my phone bill soared HIGH !!!  I was almost in shock when my mobile service provider rung up to tell em my latest bill !!  GREAT ,, my days are ruined ,, cost me more than my trip !!!
Anyway ,,It was a nice holiday ,, as I got back here in Sydney ,, I was so conscious of things tobring ,, I did not go crazy  shopping , because I have a limited baggage allowance , I know how strict the Australian border security ,, I watch the show and I knwo what to expect ,, but on my way to getting my luggage I was checked by a staff,, cehcked my passpot and asked where I  been , then after picking up my kuggage I was led into the place where they search the bag ,  good thing I dont have anything suspicious like a Martor USA box cutter  or anything that can be considered illegal ,, actually I have a food in my bag but I declared it , unfortunately the delicious pork was seized and not allowed here ,,  now worries ,, just take it because I wanted to see my family ......


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