Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Ohh my its been awhile since I updated this blog ,, sorry for such a long delay ,, been really busy with other things ,, making CAKES and Cupcakes ,, yeah a new hobby that is occupying most of my time ,,, it is time consuming , decorating a cake , but I'm loving it ,, it is a new outlet for my creativity that started late in my life ,, but I'm glad knowing that I can create something beautiful ,, talent runs in my family and now I know I've got it too,,, phewww thank goodness,,, love to taste my own creation too ,, it will be good with a cup of coffee hmmm bunn coffee anyone ??? I will soon post some of the cakes , Ive done and share it with everyone ,, the pics I mean hahaha well,, have a lovely day ...


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