Friday, February 3, 2012

Designer platinum rings!

The most popular wedding bands are the dome or half round wedding bands. This isn’t what a lot of people want. They want a designer platinum ring. Designer rings are just like the name implies, a wedding band with a design. Often times there is a specific designer but also it could be the design. For example the Newport style is a designer ring that many different manufactures make. There are a lot of different designer rings. In fact there are hundreds of different designs. It is often hard to pick the best one but it is much better to have a choice.
Another type of cool wedding bands are palladium rings. Palladium is much like platinum. They are a very rare precious metal. The cost of the rings is heavily connected to the raw price of palladium. This means you could look at a ring and then go back 6 months later and the price will be much higher or lower. So if you are looking for a 6mm palladium ring you will want to look at the designer styles as well.


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