Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I have to sing

La la la la,, I'm singing in the rain ,,, its been an awful summer here in Australia ,, been raining most of the summer !! we did not even go to the beach .. we had enough ,, and it will be Autumn already ,, ahhh,, and its still raining and the outlook will be raining the whole week,,, arrrgggg,,, there will be no singing there,, but cursing ... I know I know,, we need water ,, but the dam is full and will over flow ! keep calm ,,,,and play a guitar and star singing ,, opps ,, I might need a hall leonard book ,, actually Ill just get my daughter to play it for me and I'll start humming a happy tune to scare the rain away if there is such a thing .... still raining .... ;-(


Ohh my its been awhile since I updated this blog ,, sorry for such a long delay ,, been really busy with other things ,, making CAKES and Cupcakes ,, yeah a new hobby that is occupying most of my time ,,, it is time consuming , decorating a cake , but I'm loving it ,, it is a new outlet for my creativity that started late in my life ,, but I'm glad knowing that I can create something beautiful ,, talent runs in my family and now I know I've got it too,,, phewww thank goodness,,, love to taste my own creation too ,, it will be good with a cup of coffee hmmm bunn coffee anyone ??? I will soon post some of the cakes , Ive done and share it with everyone ,, the pics I mean hahaha well,, have a lovely day ...

Friday, February 3, 2012

Designer platinum rings!

The most popular wedding bands are the dome or half round wedding bands. This isn’t what a lot of people want. They want a designer platinum ring. Designer rings are just like the name implies, a wedding band with a design. Often times there is a specific designer but also it could be the design. For example the Newport style is a designer ring that many different manufactures make. There are a lot of different designer rings. In fact there are hundreds of different designs. It is often hard to pick the best one but it is much better to have a choice.
Another type of cool wedding bands are palladium rings. Palladium is much like platinum. They are a very rare precious metal. The cost of the rings is heavily connected to the raw price of palladium. This means you could look at a ring and then go back 6 months later and the price will be much higher or lower. So if you are looking for a 6mm palladium ring you will want to look at the designer styles as well.

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