Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sweating here ....

whooa,,, its so humid tonight ,, the problem is we dont have an airconditioner at home ,, the kids are all asleep using a fan , hubby already in bed fan humming ,, here I am sweating ,, bloging ,, net surfing ,, I need to think of cold stuff,, Ice cream,,, winter , ugg boots ,skiing ,, playing golf ,, did I say it right playing golf ??? I was browsing at my Iphoto which by the way have 24,575 photos on it !!! yahhhhh,, I need to delete some ,,, I saw old photos I took during winter in Oz ,, we rented s house that was next to a golf course ,, it was a chilly morninfg and I took a snap of these brave (silly) people playing golf ,, hmm wonder which golf gps are they wearing ... anyway ,, looking at thses pics makes me feel cool ......


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