Sunday, May 22, 2011

In our new house

We are now living in our new house for almost 3 months and so far so good,, there are still heaps of stuff to do .. children's wardrobe is not yet finished ,, my range hood is not yet fixed,, some windows pane are not yet painted,, massive backyard is not yet done ,,  but we knew all along that before we move in; things are still gonna be left out , we ran out of funds to finish some projects,,  and it might take a little while to finish them all ,, we will just concentrate on things that are necessary  we cannot borrow anymore money from the bank ,, hmmm we might sell some silver bullion bars    ,, or it would be nice to win a lottery !!!! Well, the most important things is that we love the house , the kids are happy in their new home and we are saving by not paying rent anymore .....

Dangerous ...

I was reading this story on ninemsn and I cant believe about this ,,, with all the buzz about planking ,, it is still happening... The story about planking had been going on the last few weeks and with all the incidents most of the victim need emergency medical assistance .
Last year my daughter showed a picture of his friend on FB laying face down and she thinks that it was an idiot thing to do ,, then now most of the teenagers are doing it ,,, geezzz what with the craze,, what a weird thing to do and now that they are doing dangerous stunts ,, I cant help but shook my head ....

story from
A 48-year-old Sydney woman has suffered head injuries while demonstrating how to plank, during a discussion about the dangers of the stunt.

The woman fell from a 2m high garden wall after performing the planking demonstration at a friend's house in Kingsford last night.

An unnamed friend of the victims's told Nine News the incident happened during a discussion about the planking craze and its dangers.

"And it was all started why with you don't plank — and look what happened," she said.

The woman was taken to hospital suffering a fractured shoulder, head injuries and loss of consciousness.

The popularity of planking — which involves lying flat and face-down on top of an object and being photographed — has rocketed recently, but has also been widely condemned by authorities since a 20-year-old man fell to his death last week while attempting to pull the stunt on a balcony in Brisbane.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Chilly nights

Its gonna be a cold Winter here in Sydney,, ah for sure ,,, last week we had a a cold snap and its only Autumn ,,, we had a weather of 1 degree in the mornings.. My hubby and I went straight to the shops and bought 4 oil heaters for our room and the kids bedroom. We are all rugged up,, wearing bulky clothes and not feeling the best at the moment ,,, Winter time is the best time to eat and hibernate ,, yupp forget about the diet or the best muscle building supplement , we'll do it on Spring time...I like Winter ,, when we all just keep ourselves close to each other at night time while watching TV and with a warm blanket draped around us.... Keep my heart warm,,, have a cuppa and enjoy the chilly night .........

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Trying to be warm

We are experiencing  a cold snap here in Sydney ,,,  gezzz  I am fee zing and to think that we just moved in to our new house ,, downside is we don't have a heating system installed yet ,, originally ,it was planned that we will have a gas fireplace  but due to constraint budget ,, it was not possible to have it ...  Our house is cold ,, it is a timber cladding house that looks like a Queenslander house ,, we have our garage underneath ,, so there is a breeze coming from below ,, although we have fabulous timber flooring , I love the look of our floor ,, we could have opted for laminated flooring  from the laminate floor    but I think we did a great job choosing our black butt flooring.

 Now all we have to do ,, is to get a potable heater ,, the cold breeze is just ridiculous at the moment ...  we are walking around the house with beanies and thick jackets .  This morning we installed some curtains that have thermal backing ,, it did help a little but we need to make it warmer..  It is still Autumn here and I can only imagine how cold it can be on Winter time ....  brrrrrrr.....

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Still watching old shows

My hubby and I are so lame ,,, we are so left out and still watching the ER ,, we love the show so much ,, when we moved to our rental place about 2 years ago ,,, we didn't have access to Foxtel ,, so we missed most of the episodes of ER,, now that we are in our new house and have the luxury of pay TV we are watching re runs of ER on HITS channel.. gezzz,,,, ER is finished ,, yeah since 2009 hahahah I just found out by Goggle ,, but good thing because we watched the last episodes,, now I'm sad ,, I will surely miss the show ,, it was such a good show ,,, arrgggg too much ER re runs and that is affecting me ,,, ,, I need that before I end up on ER in our local hospital ,, hmmm,, now what else to watch .. let me Sex and the city reruns or Seinfield ... I need to get a life ......... its so out of date ,, its embarassinvg,,, ok hand s up people if you love show !!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wanna be warm

Gezzz,,,,, its freezing herein Australia ,, yupp,, we are feeling the chilly night and Winter for sure is gonna be cold ,, and the worst part is our new house have no heater!!! Its absolutely ridiculous ,, we know that its gonna be cold here in the mountaiusn but not this COLD,, kids are wearing scarves, beanies and while I'm typing , my fingers are slipping because I am wearing hand gloves ,, all rugged up ,,bu we cannot do much but to just layer our clothes ,, don't know about the ducted reverse cycle air conditioning ,,, it will cost us a fortune,,
Ugg boots are out and big fleecy jacket is a must ,,but when I saw this really nice shoes ,, I just feel in love with this,, this will look good for my hubby an Ateliers Arthur Ourasi T Lifestyle shoes,, really cool .....

My big girl will love the Nike Lunar shoes,,, this will suit her style ,, and as for me ,, I will be happy and warm in my boots .....

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