Monday, December 5, 2011

Career path

With the 2012 fast approaching ,, new technology and new trend are coming ,, my nephew and nieces are studying computer engineering, I always encourage them to study hard and finish their courses ,, they will surely find a great job in the future ,, looked at Tester Jobs and most of them are technology related jobs . It would be great for them ,, I even tell them that they can apply here in Australia and they can migrate and stay here with me , while they get settled .. They are heaps of opportunity awaiting them ,, ahh its nice to be you ng and single ,, to have so many choices ,, but with saying that they also need to learn responsibility and need proper guidance

Need to start organizing

Its the time of the year ,, time for big SALE just before Christmas for those getting ready for the big day ,, when you can no longer find a parking in the shopping centre ,, and when you can hear Christmas songs being played on the radio ,,then its time for you to panic ,, panicking is what I should be feeling at the moment ,, we are having a big Christmas party in 2 weeks time ,, more than 70 people are coming ,,, Im feeling so slack at the moment and what I said I should go and start shopping ,, haven't even done my Christmas shopping for my kids yet ,, went to the shops and the place is jam packed ,, every check out has long queue ,, hmmm ,, noting they have a Retail POS System on their machines ,, inventory of stocks for sure ...

Anyway ,, good thing the kids are still in school till next week ,, I can go shopping by myself , which would be easier than tagging along kids who wanted to just stop at the toy store and start harassing me with "buy me this Mum!"

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