Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Bakken Oil Companies

An Uncle of mine undeniably is very successful with his career and works tirelessly in the oil rich land of Saudi Arabia. I was fascinated with their rich and lavish lifestyle having seen it during my teen age years. I usually spend time with my cousins and we all grew up very close . Every time their Dad was home for vacation, I also received shares of his gifts for the family.

I wondered then how it is to have a dad who worked in bakken oil companies? Our inquisitive young minds learned that the company like UG Oil and Gas Center is an exploration company spanning the globe exploring vast receives of oil, gas and petroleum. Natural gases abound in oil and natural gas fields in the different parts of the globe.  New and better drilling technology yielded oil boom and and high return investment and one expert on this field are Bakken oil companies that extensively deals with gas extractions in vast exploration wells and it's find produces abundant supply of energy beneficial to all.  And that Uncle Tim has been part of the oil exploration team for decades already. He had traveled far and wide with the team to uncover the earth of it's reach resources. And Saudi Arabia known to be an oil rich country became his final destination as he was assigned in the Eastern province since 1990. Apparently, his company knew that there are more oil reserves that hasn't been uncovered yet and their exploration work becomes more and more aggressive. Rich oil reserves make one country progressive because of good tax revenues the government receives. Uncle Tim has been receiving his fat and handsome pay and benefits from the company.

All his exploration works with the team paid off! UG Oil and Gas Centre will continue to explore the globe and Bakken oil companies is here to stay, helping people and the economy having benefited greatly with the precious finds.


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