Saturday, September 24, 2011

Nice weather

The weather here in oz is getting warmer and people are eager to put their winter wardrobe away and start digging their summer clothes out ,,  time to shave s and have a pedicure ,, coz Mr Sunshine here we come!!!!!  Last weekend , it was a glorious warm Spring and we went for a drive at Coogee beach,,   the water was inviting,, too bad we did not bring our swimmers with us ,, my boy just went straight in the water and got his clothes soaking wet ,,, well too bad for him ,,he just stayed on his wet clothes till it gets dry ,,,    had a lovely lunch and went for a drive,,,   young adults are also out driving in nice cars adorned with nice wheels ,, hmmm are they giavonna wheels  ??   with loud music pumping in their cars cruising around,, trying to look like Cool !!!!,, its a different be around the area ,,,  young , buff and good looking people soaking in the sun ,, ahhhh  young and restless.........

We end up in Brighton le sands ,, because we are looking for a kite shop , we wanted to buy kites for the kids since we are having fun flying kites in our place , we wanted to get the kids some proper kites ,, colourful and big kites that will adorned a nice blue sky .....


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