Saturday, September 3, 2011


I was having a chat with my friend form overseas through FB , its bee awhile since I last talked to her ,, we talked about how things going on in her life,, she is already 40 and still single and I was quite surprised that she did not end up marrying ,, but I guess its not yet the end ,, she is still hopeful that she will find the right person for her ,, she is looking for a new career ,, browsing through Networking & Telecomm Jobs ,, she has her own net cafe but she said that she had enough because she is not making money at all ,, that is why she is looking for a new job,,,, she swears that she is finding it hard to find a job , being 40 ,, most of the company that she applied for at considering an age limit ... geezzz I feel sorry for her ,, knowing that she is such an efficient and hard working person .. She wanted to go overseas if she can but again age is a big factor ,, if only she had known about it ,, she would have done things differently ..

Is being 40 a Hindrance in Life ??????


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