Monday, August 22, 2011

Looking forward for Spring Time

Ahh I just can't wait for Spring Time !!!!    I had enough of Winter ,, too cold for me and as I always whinge here on my site about how I don't like winter ,,,   I just want Spring to come soon ..  Sumner is definitely my favourite so I am looking forward  to a  change of season,,  changing of season means SALE time ,,,,   spring clothes are out and I went to Target to check on their new season outfits ,, checking prices  with usb barcode scanner would be easy ,, so after going through the ladies section,, I quickly moved to the men's department ,, and I was reminded that Fathers day is coming up ,,,  and its the best time to shop because of all the packages and specials during this time,,,   so picked up some stuff for hubby and placed in on lay by ...  There are heaps of cool stuff for kids too ,, so there I was shopping into my hearts content ,,, love going on a sale ....

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