Friday, August 12, 2011


Its been awhile since I last updated this blog,, been hibernating for a while,,, Winter here in Oz ,, and I am not a fan of Winter!! I just want to cuddle up in warm bed and be lazy ,, like the song of Bruno Mars ,,, yeah that's what I want to do ,,nothing ....

I havent been out much lately ,, haven't visited the factory ,, husband is running the family business ,,I take my hats off for him,, he is such a good guy ,, juggling most of the things in the factory ,, from paper works,, filing ,, he need a lot a stuff to do ,, he might need a document management solutions ,,, he is also doing the work downstairs ,, so I make sure that when he comes home a nice dinner is ready for him ,,, my way of saying thank you and relax you're at home now....

I just cant wait for Spring time and I'm longing for a nice warm weather ........... hurry up Spring ..


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