Monday, August 15, 2011


Today my hubby and I had a conversation about moving our business close to our home .. we are located 1 hour away from home,, hubby decide to move the business,, actually to downsize,, we are paying too much rent and we are going to make a wise move by moving factory ,, will save heaps of money by doing that ,, hubby told me that I also need to go to work and he told me that I have to learn the MYOB and get to know all the things at work I might get the document management from . This one I have to do it knowing that I need to help my husband manage the business,, and to top it all I am just starting my new business ,, so I guess ,, I have to prioritize , I told him that I still wanted to do my business but not as full time... well I have to see what will happen next ....

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