Monday, July 18, 2011

What to give.....

Queens birthday here in Australia had just passed ,, hmm what's the next occasion ?? ahhh Fathers Day in September !! that's good ,, it will be a good time to start organizing it ,, last month was my hubby's birthday and he did not ask for anything for his birthday ,, and the best thing he did was bought me a gift instead ,, yea ,, a gift for me on his birthday.,,, I am into baking at the moment and he bought me a gorgeous Red Kitchen Aid ,,,, ahhh that was such a perfect gift .

I know lucky me,, ... he is such a generous man,,, so for fathers day I am already looking for a gift ,, looking at some of fathers day gift baskets ,, some electronic gadget ,, tools , clothing , ahh for sure there would be plenty of ideas next month when all the shops start displaying Fathers day gifts ,, but this time it should be a thoughtful gift just for him...... he deserves it ....


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