Sunday, July 3, 2011

Weekend project

The weather this weekend was stunning !!  Sunshine all day and a bit warmer   a perfect winter day , so we just stayed all day at home,,   hubby finished our veggie patch ahhhhh   Im loving it , because we can just grow our own vegetables ready as soon as we need it ,went to the nursery to buy some herbs and fruit bearing trees , lime , lemon, mandarin and oranges ,,   its looking good and our list of what to do is being crossed out ,, I think hubby wanted to do most of the things outside first before he starts doing things inside the house , like installing 2 tv stands , installing the shower screen , painting the cornices and the doors , I can go on and on about the list but I dont want to sound like a nagging wife ,,LOL  but I know that things are going to get done ,, Patience is the answer .........

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