Sunday, July 17, 2011

Blue mode

Ohh I missed doing my shopping during the EOFYS ,,, gezzzz ,, what am I doing ,, the shopping bug is not around ,, I would love to get some new stuff,,, hmmm,, let me see,, an Ipad,, top netbooks , portable memory , new camera lens , a 60 inch plasma TV,,, ahhhhh what else,, yes the most important thing ..ahhhh I need money to buy those things !!! Times are tough and its time to tighten up our belts for a while...Winter time her in Oz and I just need to hibernate for a while,, its been very cold in our new house and I dont like being cold ,, I grew up in a tropical country and even though I migrated here for 11 years now,, my body is still not used to it,,, ahhhh warm sunshine is what I need ,, Winter makes me gloom and shopping mode is gone.......

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