Sunday, July 24, 2011

Taking Care of Your Patio Furniture

During summertime, the backyard is probably one of the most used areas around the house. With weekend parties and family gatherings, this is the best place to relax, have fun and enjoy good food. Now once the grill is all set and ready you can start the party. But during this season it is also very important to take good care of your patio furniture. Since these decors act as highlights to the outdoor, it is only vital to keep them in a good condition.

Patio furniture can be made using different types of materials and this is always the first thing to consider when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. Wood is one material that should always be well-maintained. Extreme weather conditions along with regular wear and tear could easily damage the item; make sure to apply a weather proof sealant to protect your wood furnishings from rain or too much sunlight.

Make it a practice to constantly examine and check for damaged or roughed spots. Once you notice one, apply the sealant right away to avoid any further damages. Restoring patio furniture is easy if you have the proper tools and techniques. Reading a few home and garden magazines or doing a little online research could help you learn more about how you can take care of your backyard furniture.

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Monday, July 18, 2011

What to give.....

Queens birthday here in Australia had just passed ,, hmm what's the next occasion ?? ahhh Fathers Day in September !! that's good ,, it will be a good time to start organizing it ,, last month was my hubby's birthday and he did not ask for anything for his birthday ,, and the best thing he did was bought me a gift instead ,, yea ,, a gift for me on his birthday.,,, I am into baking at the moment and he bought me a gorgeous Red Kitchen Aid ,,,, ahhh that was such a perfect gift .

I know lucky me,, ... he is such a generous man,,, so for fathers day I am already looking for a gift ,, looking at some of fathers day gift baskets ,, some electronic gadget ,, tools , clothing , ahh for sure there would be plenty of ideas next month when all the shops start displaying Fathers day gifts ,, but this time it should be a thoughtful gift just for him...... he deserves it ....

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Blue mode

Ohh I missed doing my shopping during the EOFYS ,,, gezzzz ,, what am I doing ,, the shopping bug is not around ,, I would love to get some new stuff,,, hmmm,, let me see,, an Ipad,, top netbooks , portable memory , new camera lens , a 60 inch plasma TV,,, ahhhhh what else,, yes the most important thing ..ahhhh I need money to buy those things !!! Times are tough and its time to tighten up our belts for a while...Winter time her in Oz and I just need to hibernate for a while,, its been very cold in our new house and I dont like being cold ,, I grew up in a tropical country and even though I migrated here for 11 years now,, my body is still not used to it,,, ahhhh warm sunshine is what I need ,, Winter makes me gloom and shopping mode is gone.......

Friday, July 15, 2011

Feeling cold

Its winter here in Oz ,, and gosh it is cold,, we just moved in to our new home and we live on an acreage ,, lots of space,, hill on the back and lake in front and trees all around and winter time here is just so cold ,, to top it all we don't have a heating system installed at home!!! the budget was tight and we have to sacrifice that but we are regretting it now hat we know how cold it is ,, we have some portable heating in the bedrooms ,, that would keep us warm at night time . We also set up an outdoor fire pit t so that we have friends over we can stay outside warming up on the fire pit , but for sure once that we can already afford to have split air conditioner we will book straight away .... but for now ,,I'm all rugged up and a warm coffee ahhh great ...

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Weekend project

The weather this weekend was stunning !!  Sunshine all day and a bit warmer   a perfect winter day , so we just stayed all day at home,,   hubby finished our veggie patch ahhhhh   Im loving it , because we can just grow our own vegetables ready as soon as we need it ,went to the nursery to buy some herbs and fruit bearing trees , lime , lemon, mandarin and oranges ,,   its looking good and our list of what to do is being crossed out ,, I think hubby wanted to do most of the things outside first before he starts doing things inside the house , like installing 2 tv stands , installing the shower screen , painting the cornices and the doors , I can go on and on about the list but I dont want to sound like a nagging wife ,,LOL  but I know that things are going to get done ,, Patience is the answer .........

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