Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Setting up

Its been a while since I visited Hubby's work place ,, we have a business and my husband is the one running it,, I used to do the net banking and doing some filing at work ,, but I am now getting busy setting up my small business,, I still get updated with the things around the office , we have a secretary who is very efficient and good at keeping everything organized ,, I was looking at some paper work the other day that my husband took home ,, some are for disability insurance , bills and lease papers ,, checking if everything is Ok and if I need to do something about it ,, but it was good to know that my husband is right on track ,, everything is updated ,, so I will have to concentrate on my new venture , but it is going so slow,, I am overwhelmed with all the things to do .. anyway ,, I'm excited about it and I'll share it to everyone , I just need to do some more stuff.


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