Sunday, June 5, 2011

Setting up

Im sorry haven't updated the blog for awhile ,, been busy setting things up ,, thinking of putting up a business  a party business to be exact I have so much to do and things to consider ,, I am working with a friend and we are are going to be business partners ,, we are excited but also apprehensive on things,, there are things that we are worried about ,, questions to be answered ,, do we need to get an insurance   have to check on insurance stuff  for this ,, do we need to set up a website ,, finding a business name and how to get it going ,,, arrgggg   I wanted to do it straight away but that's not happening soon,, our minds are scattered all over and we need to sit down and get more details and get organized.

Once we have the business started I will post some details and photos about it .. Wish me luck !


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