Saturday, June 25, 2011

Nice day

Oh wow ,, its a glorious winter day this weekend,, unlike the past few days where we had a weird weather ,, rainy ,, cold winds and a snow fall in Blue Mountains , today the sun was warm enough to let the kids play outside and do my washing ,,Im not a fan of winter ,, since I grew up in a warm weather ,, my body is still accustomed to it ,, I would love to wear cool clothes, trendy womens sandals , shorts and feel the warmth on my body .. Winter gives me the blues ,, all wrapped up and shivering ,, I'm hoping that the fine weather will continue all through the week.

probably be staying at home tomorrow since hubby is finishing my veggie patch ,, yeah a veggie patch!!! the kids are so excited to plant something ,, but we might wait till Spring time to start planting ,, since we are going to have 6 of the veggie patches ,, hopefully kids will be enticed to try and eat different vegetables ,, that would be really good .


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