Monday, June 13, 2011

I like this chair

Ahhh,,,,, Rainy day today ,, its a long weekend , and we spent the day out in the shops ,, we took the kids to bowling 1st then sushi for lunch and off to the shops to walk around ,, the shops is packed of people ,, avoiding the gloomy weather ,, no chance of spending the day outdoors,, ,, too much rain and hubby cannot finish all the things that needed to be done at home ,, we moved in almost 4 months now ,, but there are still heaps of things to do ....

I have tons of magazine clippings and pictures of things for hubby to do ,,, he is a handy man ,, cabinet maker by trade so it is a plus!!! One of the project that I like him to build is an Adirondack chair for me,,,

I have always been in love with this chair ,, cutting all the clippings about how to make it ,, but for sure there is now ay hubby can squeeze that project ,, so I might just look around and see how much it is .. It will look good in my verandah.... ahhhh someday I'll have it !!!


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