Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Games.. games...

My boy is so obsessed with games,, he likes LEGO and with that he likes to play PlayStation games ,, I am planning to upgrade to PlayStation 3 ,, there are more ps3 games , Im just concerned if ps2 games will work on ps3 console ,, since he has a vast collection of games ,, he also have Wii console ,, but it is strange that he doesn't like to play it ,, I don't know why ?? So it is just stuck in the cupboard , every now and then I encourage him to play it ,, since he moves a lot when he plays that game ,, maybe he just want to sit down and relax while playing ,, what a lazy boy ,,

Anyway ,, good thing is that we bought a new puppy for the kids ,, keeps them active ,, every time kids get back from school , I would tell them to take the puppy for a walk or just play with it ,, its good because they can be active and our puppy loves to run and chase the kids .. good exercise for kids who are always playing video games..


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