Monday, June 13, 2011

From the top

We live in a property and we just love the open space and the view of our new house ,, we plan to have domestic animals on the property and we started off with a puppy ,,, then chickens would be next ,, lamb and sheep ,,, cows and kids are asking for a horse ,, but we are not sure about the horse ,, it would be nice to have one,, but for sure it will be too hard to look after ,, and kids would need proper gear ,, like riding helmets , riding clothes and so much stuff and the biggest hindrance is that our land is not flat ,, its a hill so it will be dangerous to ride there,,, so we might stick on lambs and chicken 1st .. It would be good for the kids so that they can learn to have responsibility about looking after animals ,, I know that once we have animals I will surely be the one who is going to look after most of the time,,,but the kids will just help me.

Here is the view from the top ...


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