Saturday, June 25, 2011

Nice day

Oh wow ,, its a glorious winter day this weekend,, unlike the past few days where we had a weird weather ,, rainy ,, cold winds and a snow fall in Blue Mountains , today the sun was warm enough to let the kids play outside and do my washing ,,Im not a fan of winter ,, since I grew up in a warm weather ,, my body is still accustomed to it ,, I would love to wear cool clothes, trendy womens sandals , shorts and feel the warmth on my body .. Winter gives me the blues ,, all wrapped up and shivering ,, I'm hoping that the fine weather will continue all through the week.

probably be staying at home tomorrow since hubby is finishing my veggie patch ,, yeah a veggie patch!!! the kids are so excited to plant something ,, but we might wait till Spring time to start planting ,, since we are going to have 6 of the veggie patches ,, hopefully kids will be enticed to try and eat different vegetables ,, that would be really good .

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sweet as......

Im into making cakes, cupcakes, cookies and that is my new hobby at the moment ,, net surfing and following other cake decorators is what I enjoy at the moment,, I get inspired and loving all the beautiful creations,, and thinking of going into cake decorating ,, ahh that would be very nice,, but as I try different recipes and designs , I often make cookies or cakes as a gift ,, I think its good because I can make it myself and people love it when they are given sweet gifts.. there are different occasions ,,it would be good for a birthday gift basket ,, halloween gift baskets , baby shower, or just a plain "try my creation "" That would be great because it is well appreciated and I love doing it ... I'll post some of my cupcakes to show off next time....

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Games.. games...

My boy is so obsessed with games,, he likes LEGO and with that he likes to play PlayStation games ,, I am planning to upgrade to PlayStation 3 ,, there are more ps3 games , Im just concerned if ps2 games will work on ps3 console ,, since he has a vast collection of games ,, he also have Wii console ,, but it is strange that he doesn't like to play it ,, I don't know why ?? So it is just stuck in the cupboard , every now and then I encourage him to play it ,, since he moves a lot when he plays that game ,, maybe he just want to sit down and relax while playing ,, what a lazy boy ,,

Anyway ,, good thing is that we bought a new puppy for the kids ,, keeps them active ,, every time kids get back from school , I would tell them to take the puppy for a walk or just play with it ,, its good because they can be active and our puppy loves to run and chase the kids .. good exercise for kids who are always playing video games..

Setting up

Its been a while since I visited Hubby's work place ,, we have a business and my husband is the one running it,, I used to do the net banking and doing some filing at work ,, but I am now getting busy setting up my small business,, I still get updated with the things around the office , we have a secretary who is very efficient and good at keeping everything organized ,, I was looking at some paper work the other day that my husband took home ,, some are for disability insurance , bills and lease papers ,, checking if everything is Ok and if I need to do something about it ,, but it was good to know that my husband is right on track ,, everything is updated ,, so I will have to concentrate on my new venture , but it is going so slow,, I am overwhelmed with all the things to do .. anyway ,, I'm excited about it and I'll share it to everyone , I just need to do some more stuff.

Monday, June 13, 2011

From the top

We live in a property and we just love the open space and the view of our new house ,, we plan to have domestic animals on the property and we started off with a puppy ,,, then chickens would be next ,, lamb and sheep ,,, cows and kids are asking for a horse ,, but we are not sure about the horse ,, it would be nice to have one,, but for sure it will be too hard to look after ,, and kids would need proper gear ,, like riding helmets , riding clothes and so much stuff and the biggest hindrance is that our land is not flat ,, its a hill so it will be dangerous to ride there,,, so we might stick on lambs and chicken 1st .. It would be good for the kids so that they can learn to have responsibility about looking after animals ,, I know that once we have animals I will surely be the one who is going to look after most of the time,,,but the kids will just help me.

Here is the view from the top ...

I like this chair

Ahhh,,,,, Rainy day today ,, its a long weekend , and we spent the day out in the shops ,, we took the kids to bowling 1st then sushi for lunch and off to the shops to walk around ,, the shops is packed of people ,, avoiding the gloomy weather ,, no chance of spending the day outdoors,, ,, too much rain and hubby cannot finish all the things that needed to be done at home ,, we moved in almost 4 months now ,, but there are still heaps of things to do ....

I have tons of magazine clippings and pictures of things for hubby to do ,,, he is a handy man ,, cabinet maker by trade so it is a plus!!! One of the project that I like him to build is an Adirondack chair for me,,,

I have always been in love with this chair ,, cutting all the clippings about how to make it ,, but for sure there is now ay hubby can squeeze that project ,, so I might just look around and see how much it is .. It will look good in my verandah.... ahhhh someday I'll have it !!!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Setting up

Im sorry haven't updated the blog for awhile ,, been busy setting things up ,, thinking of putting up a business  a party business to be exact I have so much to do and things to consider ,, I am working with a friend and we are are going to be business partners ,, we are excited but also apprehensive on things,, there are things that we are worried about ,, questions to be answered ,, do we need to get an insurance   have to check on insurance stuff  for this ,, do we need to set up a website ,, finding a business name and how to get it going ,,, arrgggg   I wanted to do it straight away but that's not happening soon,, our minds are scattered all over and we need to sit down and get more details and get organized.

Once we have the business started I will post some details and photos about it .. Wish me luck !

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